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Hello to the world! Welcome to my blog!
Hi, I am Divya, a big big foodie and I absolutely love love LOVE to cook. For me cooking is a therapeutic exercise, that helps me de-stress! 

There is nothing better than the appreciation of your food. Its the best reward one can ask for, when the people you cook for, love what you present to them!

My mother has been my greatest inspiration. even though she is a working mother, she would always put up such beautiful dishes for the family all the time. She introduced us to many cuisines, and yes I can proudly say, I have inherited her flair for cooking. My grandfather owned a Bakery so yes I think my love for baking comes from him. Sadly I never got the chance to learn the art of professional baking from him cause he left us before I could learn anything from him! Although he used to absolutely love the simple sponges I use to bake as a child! 

I have been cooking ever since I was in school, & I remember my first cake was made when I was still in 8th standard. My cooking ever since has evolved (atleast I think so), and today I can cook most of the world cuisines! Be it Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, or The classic Indian dishes right to the traditional Himachali Cuisine of my Motherland!The dishes that I make are generally very easy with simple methods and ingredients, and as a vegetarian the dishes on this blog are all without egg or any kind animal meat!

Apart from cooking I have always loved to paint and do all kinds of ‘artsy’ things. I learned the art of painting for some years, and after that I have filled the homes of my aunts and grandmother with my paintings. Here is some of my work…


As I love to cook, I absolutely love to entertain small gatherings of family & friends. As most of my friends keep asking me to text them recipes of some dish or the other, I have decided to blog the recipes for the dishes that I create or cook.

The name for this blog came to me in my sleep one night. Yum’e’licious…Now you might ask what is Yum’e’licious?? ….Anything that is Truly Delicious and makes you say YUMM when you bite into it is Yum’e’licious! Anything that makes your taste buds dance and your hands move to grab more….is Yum’e’licious…..So what is it that makes food Yum’e’licious? For me its the individuality of each dish, the spices…the herbs…the vegetables! The way a dish romances your palate is what makes it Yum’e’licious… 

I share with you, some of the recipes that I stumbled upon, or some that I recreated by reminiscing a dish I had once tasted. Cooking is a rejuvenating exercise for me which I thoroughly enjoy. So here’s hoping you accompany me on this journey while I discover more flavors and some interesting dishes. Feel free to drop a request for any recipe below! If I have tried it I shall post it right-away. If not, well that gives me the opportunity to try something new! Till then Happy Cooking..

Eat Healthy…Stay Happy!

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  1. kusum rana says:

    so tempting…….!!!!!!!
    next plz…….something low calorie….high protein…low carb……….high on taste……….!!!!!! [ for people like .ME….who want to become fit from fat……!!!!!!]

    I can visualise a coffee table book authored by you ………!!!!!

    1. yumelicious says:

      Definitely….next in line will be your request!!
      Though most of my cooking is high on calories! Still will give it a try!

    2. yumelicious says:

      Do check d pasta salad & soup recipe!

  2. Haley says:

    Hey there! I think you are a remarkable blogger and have nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out:

  3. Dipti says:

    Congratulations!!! way to go dear..
    Thanks for nominating me for the next Liebster award.

    1. Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you Dipti! And you deserve it! I really like your blog!

  4. Yana says:

    Hi there! Im very glad you liked my post today! Your site is wonderful and I look forward to exploring it further m:)

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you Yana!

  5. apsara says:

    Hi Divya, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m so glad I did. What a lovely blog! My food philosophy is similar. And I LOVE your paintings, simply amazing! Especially the water colors, I could never do those!

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you so much ! I am soo happy you liked my blog as well as my paintings! Keep Coming back as I keep exploring more about food! Look forward to reading some of your comments!

  6. Namrata says:

    Hi Divya. I love the paintings and your artsy work! The food bit is refreshing too.. a wonderful collection of do able recipes 🙂 hoping to see more from you!

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you for stopping by Namrata! I really liked your blog! Glad you liked mine!! Keep coming back!

  7. apsara says:

    Hi again, Divya, I’m passing on 2 awards to you: the Dragon’s Loyalty and the Versatile Blogger award. Do check them out at:

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank You sooo much Apsara!! Am really honoured by these awards and that you thought I was worthy of them! I’m between exams right now so will accept the awards in my next post! Thank you again!

  8. Hi Divya, you have a lovely blog with wonderful vegetarian recipes and desserts! Jus YUM!! And your paintings are just mesmerizing 🙂

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Hi Aishwarya,
      Thank you for stopping by! Glad you liked the recipes! And yes thank you for appreciating my art! Keep coming back and stay connected!

  9. Hi Divya, I am glad to nominate you for the Quintet of Radiance Award. If you wish then participate. Find the details here,

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you soo much Aishwarya for the Nomination! I am really humbled!

      1. You deserve the nomination Divya 🙂

  10. swatipareek says:

    Hi Divya,

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, hence I found your wonderful blog. I have to explore your blog more…your paintings are very nice 🙂 Stay in touch xx

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you so much Swati! Your blog is lovely as well!! 😄

  11. Sasha says:

    Hey Divya, love your blog, so we’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    It’d be cool to see how you answer the questions, keep up the great blogging 🙂

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Thank you so much Sasha! Will live to answer the questions!

  12. kshemendra singh says:

    Vow! Very refreshing to look at this so simple and so tasty authentic kangra recipe. Your cooking method is perfectly fine. But a small request. This is not Mahani (or ‘Mhani’ to be correct). This is ‘khatta’, known as ‘khatta’ in kangra, palampur, dharamsala, nurpur and adjoining areas. Mhani is something made out of either raw or ripe mangoes, mint, fresh oinions, etc., with a ‘dhunkhar’ aromatic seasoning. But that’s not very relevant. Thanks a ton for making a pahadi dish popular!

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Hey Kshemendra…. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!
      Well we guys have called this dish Mahani since childhood… Anyways… Thanks for sharing the info!

  13. I love your blog! I especially like the term you used for lemon curd ‘lemon cheese’ which is what my grandmother called it! Yes here in the southern United States! I am going to try yours!

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Hi Camellia!! Thank you for stopping by the blog…Lemon cheese is what my grandfather used to call it as well… Its so nice that half way across the globe we share the same terminology!! Do come back and share how your cheese turned out!! Would love to hear from you!!

  14. Sara says:

    Hey Divya,
    Loved your paintings.. checking out more on your blog 🙂

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Hey Sara!! Thank you soo much!!

      1. Sara says:

        My pleasure 🙂 .. I’m glad to know you… this is reallly a great blog… loving the recipes and the way you write 🙂

      2. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

        Thnq soo much!!

  15. Gloria says:

    Wonderful blog with lovely collection of recipes. Looking forward to explore more! Loved your paintings too!

    1. Divya @ Yum'e'licious says:

      Hi Gloria! Thanks for stopping by and for your appreciation!! Do keep coming back, and yes whenever you try something I would love to hear how did it turn out!!

      1. Gloria says:

        Thank you Divya. It was my pleasure to visit your lovely blog and yes indeed, I shall visit again.

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