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Glossary: Cereals, Pulses & Legumes

Cereals, Pulses & Legumes

English Name

Hindi Name
Bengal Gram, Split Chana Dal
Bengal Gram, Whole Kala Chana
Bengal Gram, Whole Green Hara Chana
Black Gram Urad/ Ma ki Dal
Black Gram, Split Urad Dal/ Dalle Ma
Black Gram, Split without Skin Dhuli Ma
Chickpeas Kabuli Chana
Corn/ Maize Makkai
Fava Beans/Broad Bean Sem
Garbanzo Beans Kabuli Chana
Gram Flour Besan
Green Gram, Split with Skin Moong Dal Chilkewali
Green Gram, Split without Skin Moong Dal/Dhulli Moong
Green Gram, Whole Moong
Kidney Beans Rajma
Large white Gram Kabuli Chana
Lentil Masoor Dal/ Malka
Lima Bean/ Butter Bean Saem
Millet Bajra
Plain Flour/ All Purpose Flour Maida
Pressed Rice Poha
Red Gram, Split Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal
Refined Wheat Flour Maida
Semolina Sooji/ Rawa
Soya Bean Soya Bean
Vermicelli Moti Sevai
Whole Wheat Flour Aata

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