So all my fellow bloggers must know what I mean when I say, I want to use this bowl for my shoot but I don’t have enough food to fill it up to the top.

Well, its for such times that you can use this simple yet useful hack- just place a small bowl/plate at the base of your bowl and voila- it instantly cuts down on the size of your bowl and you can fill it with food to make it look full.

PS: this hack works best for dry/solid food like icecream, rice, noodles , pasta. The liquid tends to slip beneath the bowl and the trick does not work.

Have a look at the pic below- I wanted to use these gorgeous ramekins and bowls that I got from Nestasia , but unfortunately the icecream batch I made turned out to be smaller than I expected.

I used steel plates and small bowls at the bottom of these cute ramekins placed with the bottom side up.

By placing the inverted bowls ate the bottom, I easily created the deception of tons of icecream in each bowl.

Isn’t this a neat trick, and you can now eaily use your pretty bowls even if you don’t have enough food to fill all of them.

So next time you are looking for some awesome crockery for your photography do give Nestasia a look. They have some amazing collections which you can shop here.

Just look at how pretty these bowls look stacked on top of each other, I already have my eye on a few beautiful pieces on Nestasia’s Page and you will soon see them on my page.

So go on and use this super simple hack, and untill next time, Happy Cooking.