I write this post feeling a little confused… Am I writing it to myself?? Or are there any readers out there who will stop by the blog and read my story!

So… What is this new chapter in my life?? Dear readers… I have made ‘THE’ journey… From a Miss to a Mrs!! Yes…. Its been 3 months since my wedding in November! 

So this new chapter… I have a new family, a new person…an all important part of my life..my Husband… And yes A new city! I have moved from my small hometown Shimla up in the hills to the busy metro that is the city of Delhi.

This new chapter has me and my husband living in our very own apartment… Just the two of us! So its no more the casual… When-in-a-mood-cooking anymore… Its a daily affair… That too 3 times a day!! No more mum’s cooking!! I am the cook now!! 

And to make things a little tricky… Me as you guys know am a vegetarian and my husaband… A hardcore non-vegetarian… Who just loves his chicken! 

So here is the deal…. Now that I will be cooking more everyday food now… Thats what my posts will comprise of! Simple.. Homecooked everyday food, with an occasional special goodies made in between! 

I promise (and this time I hope I keep it)… This new chapter will bring more regular posts… And to begin with… I’ll be posting a few Soups… Cause my husband just loves soups! 

And yes… I will start a new section in the blog… Of non-veg experiments!! Yes yes… This is an all veg blog… But hey… Now that I will dabble with some non-vegetarian cooking seems only right that I share them with you guys! Don’t worry though…. The main component of the blog will still be vegetarian recipes…

So see you guys soon… With a new recipe!! 

And till that time… I share with you guys a photograph from my wedding!