Hey there..There have not been any posts recently cause I have been busy with my Exams!
But, here is one.. Its no recipe but just something I really wanted to share!
Being the foodie that I am I went for the food festival going on these days in my hometown i.e. Shimla! Its the 150th commemoration of Shimla as the Summer Capital of India , and keeping with those celebrations there are lots of small activities going on in the town!


The food festival was a part of it as well.. The food was prepared by the women of urban-rural households who had learnt to cook the cuisine in a workshop a few days back!

It was an event organised and handled by these women in collaboration with the local Municipal Corporation!

The food was exquisite! Really really yumm! It gave the tourists in town the perfect place to try the delicate Himachali cuisine!
I loved all the dishes and yes will be posting the recipes for some of them very soon! Till then, all those of you who are in Shimla go and try it! Its here till 29th April! Its reasonably priced and is being prepared fresh on the venue! A must try!

One has to try the varied flavours of Himachali cuisine to truly enjoy its splendid tastes!

Here are some of the dishes that were being offered the day we visited!