At one point or the other most of us do battle with weight gain, (At least I have, infact still am)!  When you look for ways to shed those extra kilos you will most certainly not find your favourite cakes and cookies making the cut in your weight loss diets. This in itself is very disheartening.

But, what I have learned in the past year, (let me tell you, I was able to shed 10 KGs with diet control and exercises in 10 months), is that, you can most certainly have your cakes and cookies, but only if you limit your portions and have it not more than once in a fortnight, and exercise a little bit harder that day! The preparation of the goodies also matters. They need to be made using whole products, minimal preservatives, and need to be had fresh! 

I came across this fabulous pin on pinterest, via SkinnyMs,(I remade this collage) it shows you how you can substitute some products for oil/butter in your recipes. However, do keep in mind that this only cuts on the oil/ butter, but the calories do stay, only a little less via the substitute. So use these as a substitute, and when you do, do share how was the end product. If you have some more suggestions/substitutes that we can use, please share it, and leave a comment below.

oil substitutes