Come Fall and Apples fill my kitchen! I just love biting into a crunchy apple…its wholesome goodness wows me every single time!
Its nutritious…no wonder its said “An Apple a day…Keeps the Doctor away”.
But I like an apple for its taste & versatility! I can add them to my cakes, pancakes, pies, crumble, a jam, a chutney… Oh and trust me all of them are soo sooo Yummm!!
This season I started with an Apple Pie…It’s crisp- buttery crust combined with the salty-caramelised apple slices are the perfect combination and add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and you are for sure in heaven!!
Give this baby a try… Prepare the crust a day in advance to cut down on cooking time the final day!

PS: for now just have a look at this beauty… I’ll update the recipe soon!! Promise!!


As promised the recipe is up.. check it out here!