My aunt had literally ordered me to make a cake for her birthday after she saw the cake I made for my friend! And frankly speaking I was more than happy to do so!
I asked her for her choice of flavour and she instantly said…’CHOCOLATE’…Well…I should have guessed it she is after all a huge chocolate fan!
So the next step was deciding all the small details of the cake, like how big should it be?, how many people do I need to cater to?, what fillings to use, what should the cake look like? And lastly….what will she like!
After some thought I decided to go for a basic chocolate sponge, to be filled with a dark chocolate ganache in one layer, and the other layer to be a whipped cream and strawberries filling! The outer icing would comprise of white chocolate ganache, chocolate vermicelli, and pink white chocolate roses, and finally some chocolate butterflies!
Everything went as planned! The sponge, the fillings…
But when it came to covering the cake with white choc ganache, it just would not stay up on the buttercream crumb coat!
I must admit…I was FURIOUS… AGITATED…n totally….DISAPPOINTED!! But somehow I did manage to cover the cake!
Finally for the white choc roses, I faced the same problem, they just would not hold their shape, so I ended up giving pink ruffles on the cake, I wasn’t too happy with it!
But the moment I mounted the chocolate butterflies on the cake…it completely changed and looked quite good…
When my aunt cut into the cake she was happy…and everyone loved the flavours of the cake…
At the end…the cake was a crowd pleaser.
I must admit I didn’t want to share this cake with everyone cause personally I was not happy with how it turned out…but thought hey…wats there to loose…
So what do you have to say about this cake?


And this is what it looked like on the inside….