Coffee… Offer me some in any form and I’m the happiest person on this planet!! Seriously!
One’s experiments with coffee can be endless! Add nutmeg, hazelnuts, cinnamon… Serve it hot or cold or frozen… It promises to satisfy your palate in every single form it takes!
So you see…I’m completely in Love with Coffee!
This time round I worked with two classics and mixed them up! Hot Chocolate and espresso! Mix them up and you have a Hot Chocolate Mocha. Whats different is that the Hot Chocolate is made with Decadent creamy White chocolate! Believe me its the perfect indulgent drink one can make…that too in a jiffy! Its super super easy….but that does not cut back its wow Quotient or its aHmazing flavour! And to add to it, Its layered appearance lends it all the glamor!


1/2 cup Milk
1/3 cup chopped white chocolate
1 shot strong espresso coffee
1/2 tsp sugar

How to make it
Bring to boil half of the milk, once it comes to a boil remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate. Let it sit for 2 minutes, and give it a stir to dissolve all the lumps! Simmer this chocolate mix till it comes to a gentle boil.
Mean time froth the remaining milk with the help of a milk frother.
Heat the espresso and add the sugar!

To serve pour the chocolate milk in a tall coffee mug, next gently pour the espresso by sliding it along the wall of the cup. And finally spoon the froth over the coffee!
Thats it…just 4 ingredients and you have a fancy Hot Chocolate Mocha…you have to try it to believe its awesome flavour!!