Ok…so maybe I’m acting all crazy n excited! But can you blame me?? The blog just crossed a 1000 readers….for me thats HUGE… I’m elated, humbled and oh sooo soooo sooo excited!
This blog started as a sheer product of boredom on a gloomy winter evening…but has grown to be an extension of my “LOVE FOR COOKING”!

I cant thank enough all those who have been a regular at the blog, have provided me with their feedback, and encouraged me at every step of my blogging experience…

So a 1000 readers….thats like a nitrous boost to the whole experience…and to celebrate I’l be cooking something totally new…something I’v never tried before! The post will be up soon!

But all said…I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone out there…this blog is nothing if you don’t come and read it!

Cheers…and hoping to cross many more milestones!!