Butter Cream (Icing)

Ever wondered if there was any quick fix icing, versatile enough so that it can either completely coat a cake, or, form beautiful roses! Well there is only one answer to it and thats an easy Butter Cream! Its super quick and needs just 2 ingredients..Butter & sugar! Thats it! And if you happen to have a bloom whisk you can whip up this baby in a matter of few minutes! It can be flavoured, coloured and used in a variety of ways!


200 gm soft unsalted butter
5 tbsp icing sugar
1 tbsp whipping cream

How to make it
In a large mixing bowl add the butter and whip with a bloom whisk until its white and fluffy. Add in the cream and whip sone more!
Once its nice and fluffy add in a spoon full of the sugar an whip till it dissolves, keep adding the remaining sugar in a similar fashion.
Now give the icing a final whisk and when it forms stiff peaks but is still glossy.
Thats it…your butter cream is ready!

PS: at times the icing may separate and become like granulated butter…don’t worry..all you’ve got to do is just heat it over a double boiler or in a microwave till it melts a little, give a slight whisk and its ready to use!

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