Its apple cinnamon pancakes for two this time!


My younger sister came home, and in a very melodramatic manner stated that I didn’t make anything special/different for her this time! This was when I decided to make the apple cinnamon pancakes..
As they did not require any extra effort or process they were ready in a jiffy!
I altered the recipe by adding a heaped tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter to it!
I plated them up, generously poured over the sauce and presented them to my sister.
As we sat to eat our breakfast, I keenly observed her reaction.
She closed her eyes and was absolutely quiet as she devoured her mouthful of pancakes.
She didn’t look towards me and dived in for a second bite.
This was when i asked her ‘ how is it?’ She looked towards me and said, ‘they are Amazing,very yumm!’
So my sister, a very fussy eater liked them!! Yippie!!
My experimental recipe is after-all worth trying!

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